Our company

Patagon Logistics Logistics was born from the desire of its founders to create a company that meets with the highest demand of the Chilean market, providing flexibility and a personalized service, based on the highest standard of technology in the industry. This is how our company started operations in 2014, after establishing a Joint Venture with Sparx Logistics Group (www.sparxlogistics.com), our main international partner. The company is managed by professionals from different disciplines with over 15 years of experiences in the Freight Forwarding market in Chile. Its founders have generated important businesses in Asia, Europe and America, and from these experiences gained a thorough understanding of the needs of the clients in our country. More than just a transportation provider, Patagon Logistics is a strategic and reliable partner for our clients in logistic solutions.

Our main value is in our people, so Patagon Logistics has been committed to enhance the professional and personal development of our employees, supporting their work and providing the tools necessary to achieve their objectives.

Our Mission
To provide logistic solutions with the highest standard of service. Our solutions should be sustainable over time and enable our clients to grow their business, generating innovative solutions, identifying their needs and establishing long-term relationships.

Our Vision
To position Patagon Logistics as a leader in the industry of international freight transportation, being recognized by their clients for the high level of service, commitment and strategic vision of their businesses.

Our clients know that they work with experts in this industry capable of identifying their needs and offer the best solution.
High level of service
We base our solution in a large Network of more than 70 countries supported by the highest technology, which allows us to maintain our clients informed in a timely manner. We want our clients to feel that they are important in every moment, and therefore our Customer Service team is dedicated to provide a personalized service.
We have the flexibility to adjust our procedures according to the needs of each client.
We base our service in the people and in the capacity to build ties with our clients, allowing us to reach the confidence level high enough to generate long-term relationships.